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2009 Aznom-Caterham Seven Superlight

2009 Aznom-Caterham Seven Superlight

2009 Aznom-Caterham Seven Superlight

Can luxury, sportsmanship, practicality and elegance be found all in one? Aznom try to render this concept in a unique car: the Aznom Caterham Superlight that will be shown at the Top Marques Monaco, the single live supercar show in the world.

Aznom, to celebrate the co-marketing with Caterham, related to the creation of a carryall purpose-made for the “little English”, according to its philosophy has customized a Caterham Superlight, a car born especially for track days or lakeside rides.

Sportsmanship means lightness and drive pleasure, the Caterham therefore represents the right
base: just a bit more of 530kg, an acceleration from 0 to 100 kph in 4.7 seconds, a 1600cc engine with low consumption and with a special power kit that makes the car perform 140hp, a 6 speed manual gear box, adjustable anti roll bars and suspension for a perfect driving feeling.

Aznom interpretation, lined up to its way of thinking, include a new dashboard reassessed in a modern way with a technological design wood cover, a full new set of reshaped levers and functional lights, but overall the “Formula steering-wheel by Aim” revised by Aznom. This device replaces all the original instrumentation and thanks to a digital display can convey the information about the car. In addiction, the system is accessorized with telemetry with gps
sensor, g-meter and lap timer in order to give every kind of information for the agonistic usage. This equipment interfaces with the new precision camera ”Smartycam by Aim” that reproduce cameracar in digital and telemetry chart as in the race world.

The Aznom special setting involves also the inner space, with the seats covered with leather created on Aznom specifications, with “cannelloni” and piping in colour contrast. The peculiarities of the seats are represented by the footstool to jump aboard the car, which one can be rolled and positioned under the seat, and the tonneau cover made of water-repellent leather that cite the car colours: White and mat Burgundy with specific draw.

The Caterham carryall, purpose-made by Aznom for the English sports cars, is part of the project
conceived together with the friends of Caterham Italia and it will be exported overseas.
The carryall “7” is hooked up at the back roll bar and it is lean on the tonneau cover to use at best the space of the Caterham. On the Aznom edition, the carryall “7” is customized with white leather and camellia details, colour matched with the interior. This is a clear example of Aznom capabilities to create bags that meet any kind of need and customer desire. On the standard model, which will be shown by Caterham Italia, the carryall will be performed with technical
texture and leather.

Story by Aznom S.r.l.

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type Professionally Tuned Car
released at 2009 Top Marques Monaco