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2009 Honda Skydeck

2009 Honda Skydeck

2009 Honda Skydeck

The Tokyo Show marks the debut of Honda’s Skydeck concept, an innovative 6-seater hybrid MPV with Lamborghini-style front doors and a pair of sliding rear doors.
Again, this is still a design study, but it’s a great example of how Honda’s IMA technology can be placed in a range of different cars for different needs and therefore used to broaden the appeal of hybrid systems.

Like the FCX Clarity, which houses the FC Stack in the centre tunnel to maximise space, the Skydeck utilises the tunnel to accommodate the key hybrid components, including the high-power battery (which until now has been stored under the boot or behind rear seats).

This clever packaging gives the Skydeck greater cabin space and the room for three rows of two seats – the practicality you’d expect of a conventional MPV. It also gives the car a lower centre of gravity.

In Detail

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type Concept / Prototype Car
released at 2009 Tokyo Motor Show
built at Japan