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2009 Kicherer E 500

The Mercedes tuners are impatiently kicking their heels and wanting to get their hands on the new E-Class. A first draft has now come from the Kicherer company.

The tuning company from the Bodensee has increased the performance of the current top E500 model from 388 to 430 PS. With the increased performance of the V-max down control which is included in the price the vehicle should be able to race well over 250 km per hour. Those who value optimum dynamics can not only obtain an electronic lowering of the vehicle but also a mechanical limited slip differential complete with a variable barrier effect of between 20 and 80 procent from Kicherer.

Moreover with these alterations Kicherer has reduced the gear transmission ratio. The maximum speed does suffer from this a little. The acceleration capacity, however, is improved. Only 4.8 seconds (standard: 5.2 seconds) are supposedly needed to go from 0 to 100 Km per hour. Kicherer has, of course, also improved the optics of the vehicle: with extra parts made of carbon fibre, 20 inch forged wheels and many other possibilities for upgrading the interior.

2009 Kicherer E 500 2009 Kicherer E 500 2009 Kicherer E 500