2009 Meadow Brook Concours

The 30-year old Meadow Brook Concours rightfully celebrated American design last weekend. Among the dragsters, swoopy coupes, Packards Twelves and modern supercars were some incredible entrants.

The unannounced feature of Meadow Brook could have been Packard. We counted 13 V12 cars and a Dietrich Sport Sedan won the Best of Show. The corresponding European Best of Show went to this Delahaye 165 Cabriolet.

If we had to give an award for the top restoration debut it would have to be this Mercury XM-800. As one of the few surviving Ford showcars, it was never finished with a running engine and ran on its own power for the first time this year! Furthermore, Meadow Brook marked the XM-800’s restoration debut.

All these cars plus more can be found in our feature gallery by Richard Owen and Julien Constans. Included is the RM Auction which sold several of the best American cars and made a splendid addition to the Concours.