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2009 New York Auto Show

2009 New York Auto Show

Today the New York Auto Show opens its doors, revealing multiple debuts and interesting supercars. The first of our world debuts is this NISMO-tuned 370Z which was previewed the night before in Rockfeller Center.

With an official absence of Ferrari, Lamboghini and Rolls-Royce, there is less to see in 2009, but the remaining manufacturers have plenty on display. Take for instance several Geneva show cars like the Bentley Supersports and the Spyker Aileron.

SMS used New York to launch their new Challenger 570 series. The cars weren’t completed under the hood, but their twin-scroll supercharger looks great all on its own. Maybach also used the occasion to display what is likely their first 57 Zeppelin.

With other cars like the E63 AMG, Koenigsegg CCXR, Fisker Karma, SLR GT, 911 GT1, the BMW X5M and all of Detroit’s cars, our New York gallery is abundant with supercars. Also included is the world’s fastest EV supercar.