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2009 Novitec Rosso F430 Scuderia Spider 16M

How can you make a Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M, built in a limited edition of just 499 vehicles, even more exciting and more exclusive? Easy, just take it to NOVITEC ROSSO, the world’s leading refiner of the sports cars from Maranello.

There the open-top lightweight model is fitted with the NOVITEC ROSSO RACE Bi-Compressor engine with 696 hp / 512 kW. It propels the Ferrari to a new top speed of more than 330 km/h. Numerous uncompromising sporty options such as 20-inch wheels, sport springs, a lift system for the front axle and exterior and interior accessories round out the product lineup.

NOVITEC ROSSO compressor technology has been the proven recipe for added driving fun for many years. For the eight-cylinder four-valve engine of the Scuderia Spider 16M NOVITEC ROSSO has now developed a custom version of its RACE Bi-Compressor engine.

The 4.3-liter V8 is supercharged by two cogged-belt-driven high-performance compressors with a maximum boost pressure of 0.48 bar. Each cylinder bank is fitted with a generously dimensioned water-to-air intercooler.

A specially manufactured heat-insulated intake manifold with larger cross-sections provides the engine with pre-compressed air. High-performance air filters and larger injectors round out the engine conversion on the intake side.

For a perfect symbiosis of maximum power yield, exemplary running smoothness and durability beyond reproach, the NOVITEC ROSSO engine specialists precision-match the new components with a newly programmed electronic engine management system.

Just as important are the larger cooling circuits for water and oil as well as dedicated cooling circuits for both compressors and the intercoolers.

The extensive NOVITEC ROSSO RACE Bi-Compressor conversion, available for 47,000 Euros for this and all other F430 Spider models, offers unique performance. With a power output of 696 hp / 512 kW at 8,400 rpm the NOVITEC ROSSO conversion surpasses the production engine by 186 hp / 136.9 kW. Peak torque grows from standard 470 Nm to 682 Nm at 6,300 rpm.

Driving performance improves just as impressively: The tuned Scuderia Spider 16M sprints from rest to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, and reaches 200 km/h after just 9.7 seconds. The 300-km/h barrier is shattered after just 23.8 seconds. Top speed for the open-top mid-engine sports car increases from 315 to more than 330 km/h.

For further optimized handling of the lightweight sports car NOVITEC ROSSO offers an update from the standard 19-inch tires to three-piece 20-inch wheels. The NOVITEC ROSSO NF3 double-spoke wheels in size 8.5Jx20 in front and in size 12Jx20 in back widen the track and thus allow even higher cornering speeds. The custom-tailored high-performance tires in size 235/30 ZR 20 in front and in size 325/25 ZR 20 on the rear axle are provided by technology partner PIRELLI.

NOVITEC ROSSO sport springs lower the center of gravity and further improve agile handling. For added daily utility of the Scuderia Spider 16M NOVITEC ROSSO offers a hydraulic lift system for the front axle. At the push of a button the front is raised by 40 millimeters and makes navigating obstacles such as curbs, speed bumps and garage entries easier. The front axle reverts to normal position at a second push of the button or automatically once the car reaches a speed of 80 km/h.

To give the Spider exterior an even more striking appearance NOVITEC ROSSO offers blacks taillights, side markers and reflectors.

The lightweight-construction interior can be refined with exclusive NOVITEC ROSSO options as well. The ergonomically shaped leather/carbon-fiber NOVITEC ROSSO sport steering wheel features a flattened lower rim for easier entering and exiting. The NOVITEC ROSSO carbon-fiber shift paddles are longer than their production counterparts and make manual gearshifts of the F1-SuperFast2 transmission even easier.

Special interior color requests can be fulfilled by NOVITEC ROSSO in any imaginable color combination.

In Detail

type Professionally Tuned Car
built at Germany
engine 90° V8
position Mid, Longidinal
aspiration Twin Superchargers
block material Aluminum Alloy
valvetrain DOHC, 4 Valves per Cyl
fuel feed Fuel Injecion
displacement 4308 cc / 262.89 in³
bore 92 mm / 3.6 in
stroke 81 mm / 3.2 in
compression 11.9:1
power 519.0 kw / 696 bhp @ 8400 rpm
specific output 161.56 bhp per litre
bhp/weight 483.33 bhp per tonne
torque -1.0 nm / -1.0 ft lbs @ 5250 rpm
redline 8640
body / frame Aluminum Panels over Aluminum Monocoque
driven wheels RWD w/E-diff + F1-Trac, CST Stability and Traction Control System
wheel type NF3 double-spoke
front tires 235/30 ZR 20
rear tires 325/25 ZR 20
front brakes Carbon-Ceramic Discs w/6-Piston Calipers
f brake size 36 x 398 mm / 1.4 x 15.7 in
rear brakes Carbon-Ceramic Discs w/4-Piston Calipers
r brake size 34 x 350 mm / 1.3 x 13.8 in
f suspension Forged Aluminum Wishbones w/Helical Springs, Anti-Roll Bars, Electronic Shocks
r suspension Forged Aluminum Wishbones w/Helical Springs, Anti-Roll Bars, Electronic Shocks
curb weight 1440 kg / 3175.2 lbs
weight distro 43 % / 57 %
wheelbase 2600 mm / 102.4 in
front track 1669 mm / 65.7 in
rear track 1616 mm / 63.6 in
length 4512 mm / 177.6 in
width 1923 mm / 75.7 in
height 1216 mm / 47.9 in
transmission 6-Speed Automatic
tran clutch Dry dual clutch
top speed ~330 kph / 204.93 mph
0 – 100 kph ~3.5 seconds
0 – 200 kph ~9.7 seconds
fuel econ epa 15.7 L/100 km or 15 mpg-us
fuel capacity 95 litres or 25.08 gal.