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2009 Pagani Zonda PS

Pagani Zonda PS (Peter Saywell)

The Zonda PS was a one-off special that was commissioned by Peter Saywell.

Saywell’s Pagani Zonda PS features unique touches like a modified exhaust, a redesigned diffuser similar to the Cinque, but unlike the the limited edition Pagani, the PS has none of the extra air vents on the wheel arches and even underwent a roof scoop delete. It was finished in white with yellow striping on the side.

The car is the only one with all four exhaust pipes placed in a row instead of a square. In January 2013 pictures surfaced of a redesigned Zonda PS. The PS has now been finished in bright blue and has the same rear-fin, air intakes, roof scoop and spoiler resembling the ones present on the 760RS and 760LH, but the exhaust pipes arranged in a row have now been replaced with the original layout. It also features the same day-time LEDs as on the Tricolore, 760LH and the 760RS. A unique feature present on the car is that its front arches are fitted with carbon-fibre fenders for improved down-force.