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2010 Prodrive Impreza N2010

2010 Prodrive Impreza N2010

2010 Prodrive Impreza N2010

The N2010 is the latest Subaru Impreza Group N from Prodrive. This unique car has been engineered by us to the latest FIA regulations, which include the use of the new larger 33 mm engine restrictor. Increasing the restrictor diameter from 32 to 33mm, fitting high flow fuel injectors and recalibrating the ECU increases peak power by 20 bhp, but more significantly, improves torque and responsiveness throughout the rev range.

The improvements in engine performance have been matched by enhancements to the car’s dynamics. The N2010 Ohlins dampers have been revised with extra travel front and rear, while all the suspension bushes have been strengthened.

“The engine and suspension changes make the N2010 far more competitive,” said Graham Prew, Prodrive sales manager. “On gravel the Impreza is certainly a match for any Super 2000, but it is on tarmac, that the additional engine performance will really come into its own and make the N2010 a competitive alternative to a Super 2000, but at about half the price and with significantly lower running costs.”

The Impreza N2010 prices start at £120,000 and for the first time Prodrive has introduced a financing option to enable the car to be leased over two years with an option to buy the car at the end of the agreement. The package includes insurance and system rebuilds.

2010 Prodrive Impreza N2010


The Impreza Group N has become the most competitive rally car in its class. In the last
decade it has won the Production World Rally Championship six times and won numerous national and international rally championships in
the hands of our customers.

Also new for 2010 is a financing option to enable
you to lease your group N car over two years, with an option to purchase the car at the end of the agreement. This includes insurance and rebuilds for total peace of mind.

The Prodrive N2010 is homologated on a Japanese specification 2.0 litre WRX STI. Through testing and development, the N2010 has many improvements over its predecessor the N2009. Most notable is the improved engine performance thanks to the new FIA homologated 33 mm restrictor. Combined with high flow fuel injectors coupled to our latest Pectel software and frmware, this significantly improves the power and torque band of the N2010 over all previous models. Peak power is increased by about 20 bhp, but it is the way this power is delivered across the rev range that is the biggest difference.

Ohlins has revised the N2010 dampers with extra travel front and rear over the N2009. In addition, all suspension bushes have been strengthened to full competition specification.

2010 Prodrive Impreza N2010

We hand build each N2010 at our motorsport
headquarters in Banbury, UK and finish it to the highest standards. More than 200 hours go into the bodyshell alone, which is ftted with a roll cage approved and tested by the FIA. Every engine is stripped before it is then rebuilt to the finest tolerances to optimize performance, while the gearboxes are stripped and rebuilt with fve close ratio dog gears and a short throw gearchange.

This meticulous attention to detail extends to the vehicle’s trim where our composite engineers
have designed and manufactured lightweight carbon fbre door panels, foot rests and wing mirrors. This level of engineering has helped ensure that Prodrive cars continue to command a higher resale value than other Impreza Group Ns.

All our cars are built to order, allowing our customers to specify a product that suits the nature of the championships in which they compete. However, our relationship with our customers doesn’t end once we have delivered the car; as we also take great pride in our customer service. Each customer is assigned a dedicated account manager, who ensures that parts from our distribution centre and major system rebuilds are delivered promptly, to minimise vehicle downtime.

2010 Prodrive Impreza N2010
Olivier Burri (SUI) Stéphane Rey (SUI), Subaru Impreza


The N2010 features the extensive use of carbon fbre to ensure that it meets the minimum homologated weight of 1,350 kg. This includes carbon composite foot rests and carbon door panels with an additional reading light and even a built-in pocket for small items like a mobile phone.

The N2010 has a large 5.5” colour screen with multiple pages covering engine and transmission information. Using this, Prodrive engineers can often diagnose problems instantly over the phone during an event, even when they are thousand
of miles away.

The N2010 features new software from Pectel Control Systems which improves integration with the CAN system and opens up more tuning possibilities.


While no modifcations are allowed to the base WRX STI engine, we still choose to fully strip and then rebuild each engine to the finest tolerances before it goes into the N2010. Only by doing this can we be satisfied that the performance of
each engine is optimized by ensuring it is orking to the limits of the homologated specification.


Prodrive’s long-term suspension partner is Öhlins. Through years of working together we have been able to improve the performance of our three-way adjustable dampers while reducing their cost. Öhlins’ latest TTX and TPX dampers
ensure the N2010 benefts from the latest damper technology, keeping it ahead of the field, with extra travel front and rear. There are also new suspension bushes which have been strengthened to full competition specification.

Story by Prodrive

In Detail

type Racing Car
built at England
price £/td> £120,000
engine Boxer-4
position Front
aspiration IHI Twin-Scroll Supercharger
fuel feed Electronic Ful Injection
displacement 1994 cc / 121.68 in³
bore 92 mm / 3.6 in
stroke 75 mm / 3 in
body / frame Unitary Steel Monocoque w/FIA Roll Cage
driven wheels AWD w/Prodrive-Pectel Center Diff w/Front & Rear Plated Limited Slip Diff
wheel type Speedline or Work
front brakes 4-Piston AP Racing Calipers
rear brakes 2-Piston AP Racing
front wheels F 45.7 x 20.3 cm / 18 x 8 in
rear wheels R 43.2 x 20.3 cm / 17 x 8 in
f suspension Prodrive-Öhlins TPX 44 MacPherson Strut w/Revised Öhlins dampers
r suspension Multi Link w/Revised Öhlins dampers
curb weight 1350 kg / 2976.75 lbs
front track 1550 mm / 61 in
rear track 1540 mm / 60.6 in
length 4415 mm / 173.8 in
transmission Prodrive-Hewland 5-Speed Manual
tran clutch 240 mm 6-Paddle, Single Plate