2011 Chevrolet Sonic Super 4 Concept

2011 Chevrolet Sonic Super 4 Concept

2011 Chevrolet Sonic Super 4 Concept

Chevrolet unveiled the Sonic Super 4 at the 2011 SEMA Show, a race car concept that demonstrates Chevrolet’s new small car performance potential. It was conceived as an example of how the Sonic’s sporty driving character could transfer to the race track.

The Sonic Super 4 joins other Chevy performance cars this week in the Chevrolet display at the SEMA Show.

“This is an exciting example of Chevrolet’s small-car performance capability,” said Jim Campbell, U.S. vice president, Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “Sonic has the soul and specifications to be a winner.”

From the factory, the Sonic is designed for a dynamic driving experience, be it on the street or road course. A 99.4-inch (2,525 mm) wheelbase and wide stance – 59.4-inch (1,509 mm) front and rear tracks – contribute to a more confident feel, while a strong structure enables greater suspension precision. Its body-frame-integral structure ranks among the stiffest in the global small-car segment, with some of the steel in it delivering tensile strength of 145,000 psi (1,000 MPa) or higher.

Complementing the strong body structure are suspension systems tuned for responsive ride and handling qualities. All models feature a MacPherson strut front suspension with coil springs, stabilizer bar and side-load-compensated front strut modules. These are designed to reduce the sliding friction by the bending load on the strut that is inherent to most suspension geometries. Side load compensation, in turn, allows the front wheels to be moved further outward, which helps improve stability. The rear suspension incorporates a compound crank (torsion beam) design, with a double-wall, tubular V-shape beam profile with gas-charged shock absorbers.

The Sonic Super 4 concept features a suspension modified for racing and a lower restriction intake and exhaust system to provide enhanced on-track performance. The interior features a chrome moly roll cage built to SCCA specifications, as well as other safety equipment. It looks the part, too, with a lowered stance and 18-inch racing wheels and tires. It also wears Chevrolet Z-Spec concept accessories, including ground effects and a high-wing spoiler.

Chevrolet turned to long-time racing partner Pratt & Miller to construct the Sonic Super 4 concept.

“We are interested in how the Sonic Super 4 concept will be received by the racing community,” said Campbell.

Vehicle highlights:


*Chevrolet racing graphics
*Carbon fiber lower splitter
*Carbon fiber rocker panel extensions
*Carbon fiber rear diffuser
*Tinted headlamps and taillights
*Concept Z-Spec high wing rear spoiler
*Tow hooks
*18×7.5-inch satin black wheels with street-legal racing tires


*SCCA-approved 1¾ -inch chrome moly roll cage
*SCCA-approved inner and outer window nets
*Z-Spec pedal kit
*Racing instrumentation
*Racing seat with five-point harness
*Fire suppression system
*Rearview camera system
*Racing steering wheel with quick disconnect


*Ecotec 1.4L turbo engine and six-speed manual transmission
*Adjustable coil-over struts and spring kit
*Performance brakes: four-piston front calipers with two-piece drilled rotors, front; and two-piston rear calipers with one-piece drilled rotors, rear
*Low-restriction air intake and filter
*Two-inch cat-back straight-pipe exhaust

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type Concept / Prototype Car
released at 2011 SEMA Show