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2011 G-Power M3 Tornado RS

After the 635hp-strong G-POWER M3 GTS caused a stir with the trade press and automobile enthusiasts, G-POWER unleashes another technical tour de force with its most recent creation – the G-POWER M3 TORNADO RS with SK III „Sporty Drive“ Supercharger System.

As demonstrated in G-POWER’s Supercharger Systems for the legendary BMW V10, the full potential of high-revving BMW engines and G-POWER superchargers can only be achieved through significant modification of the base engine. Fortunately, the V8 in the current BMW M3 (E9x) is essentially a „shortened“ version of the BMW V10 engine that G-POWER modified to create its world-record setting, 800hp G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RR. Thus G-POWER is able to leverage the proven forged pistons from that engine and developed through G-POWER’s technology partner MAHLE. These pistons are produced exclusively for G-POWER using a strengthening technology developed by MAHLE‘s Formula 1 division. The connecting rods also received a birth-by-fire in the engine bays of the countless G-POWER SK III Supercharger Systems delivered worldwide in BMW M5s and M6s.

However, the SK III „Sporty Drive“ Supercharger System for the M3 differs from the M5/M6 Supercharger System with an additional highlight in the engine bay. The follow-on system to that featured in the BMW M3 GTS includes a modified crankshaft. This new crankshaft increases the displacement of SK III-equipped M3s by 15%, from 4.0L to 4.6L.

The resulting modified V8 then meets the latest evolution of the world’s best-known components of G-POWER M3 „Sporty Drive“ Supercharger Systems. At its heart is the flagship of the ASA Centrifugal Supercharger product line – the powerful ASA T1-723. A maximum pressure of 0.5 bar can now be achieved and feeds air to the BMW V8’s individual throttle butterflies through the use of the optional carbon fiber airbox. Weighing in at just 4 kg, the G-POWER Carbon Fiber Airbox is nearly 8 kg lighter than the standard cast-aluminum variant. A tailor-made cooling system for the SK III Supercharger System increases the capacity of the oil and water cooling circuits of the V8 engine to keep temperatures in check.

A titanium exhaust system made specifically for G-POWER ensures that exhaust gases are discharged quickly and with minimum back pressure. This system features free-flowing 100 cpsi metallic catalytic converters.

When prepared with these options, the G-POWER M3 TORNADO RS produces a peak output of 720hp and 700Nm of torque. That is enough to catapult the G-POWER M3 TORNADO RS to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds. From a standstill to 200 km/h it takes just 9.5 seconds. Power and drag reach equilibrium at a maximum speed in excess of 330 km/h.

G-POWER continues the trend toward lightweight construction initiated by the BMW M3 GTS with its „RS“-labeled aerodynamics program. After all, weight reductions improve performance and ensure greater driving pleasure. This G-POWER “RS” aerodynamic program, made completely of carbon fiber, not only reduces the vehicle weight, but also increases the aerodynamic downforce. To be specific, it offers a carbon front spoiler for more downforce with optional brake cooling ducts for ventilation on the front axle, while a trunk lid, made entirely of carbon fiber and including a 3-piece carbon rear spoiler, increases the downforce on the rear axle.

The G-POWER “RS” aerodynamic program is manufactured from an ultra-light and extremely stable carbon fiber in a gas-tight autoclave. This production matches the OEM standards of the automotive industry and guarantees a perfect fit and a flawless surface structure.

The carbon fiber G-POWER VENTURI hood also contributes to reduced weight. The starting point for the development of the G-POWER VENTURI was the technical necessity to remove heat from the engine compartment of the uprated engines as quickly as possible. Otherwise a loss of performance can happen, since the ECU (electronic control unite) makes use of diagrams with reduced degrees of ignition when a fixed temperature limit is reached, in order to safeguard the engine.

The “DYNAMIC VENTING” Technology of the G-POWER VENTURI hood vents the engine compartment dynamically, allowing the otherwise untapped performance potential to be achieved with no additional thermal stress. Performance enhancement can not be supported more efficiently.

When it comes to suspension systems, the G-POWER M3 TORNADO RS is fitted with the G-POWER CLUBSPORT coil-over suspension and weight-optimized 20-inch G-POWER SILVERSTONE CLUBSPORT forged wheels. The tires are Michelin Super Sport tires in the dimension 255/30 ZR 20 on the front axle and 295/25 ZR 20 for the rear axle to keep the vehicle in contact with the road. Braking is done with the G-POWER-ceramic brakes on the front and rear axle, which provide low-weight and reliable high-performance braking. „Fade“ is therefore a foreign word for the 6-piston brake calipers in front which bite on 396 mm rotors and the 4-piston calipers at the rear axle which clamp on 380 mm rotors.

Naturally, all of G-POWER products showcased on the G-POWER M3 TORNADO RS are also sold separately.

In Detail

type Professionally Tuned Car
built at Regensburg, Germany
engine Aluminum/Silicon Alloy V8
position Front Longitudinal
aspiration ASA T1-723 Supercharger
block material Aluminum
valvetrain DOHC, 4 Valves per Cyl w/double-VANOS
fuel feed Fuel injection
displacement 4600 cc / 280.71 in³
power 536.9 kw / 720 bhp
specific output 156.52 bhp per litre
bhp/weight 435.05 bhp per tonne
torque 700 nm / 516.3 ft lbs
body / frame E92 Unit Steel
driven wheels RWD w/M Differential Lock
front tires 255/30 ZR 20 Michelin Super Sport
rear tires 295/25 ZR 20 Michelin Super Sport
front brakes G-POWER-ceramic brakes w/6-Piston Calipers
rear brakes G-POWER-ceramic brakes w/4-Piston Calipers
steering Rack & Pinion
f suspension MacPherson Struts w/Strut Tiebar,
r suspension Five-Arm Multi-Link
curb weight 1655 kg / 3649 lbs
weight distro 51 % / 49 %
wheelbase 2761 mm / 108.7 in
front track 1538 mm / 60.6 in
rear track 1539 mm / 60.6 in
length 4615 mm / 181.7 in
width 1817 mm / 71.5 in
height 1418 mm / 55.8 in
transmission SG6 6-Speed Manual
gear ratios 4.055:1, 2.369:1, 1.582:1, 1.192:1, 1.000:1, 0.872:1
final drive 3.85:1
top speed ~330 kph / 204.93 mph
0 – 100 kph ~3.7 seconds
0 – 200 kph ~9.5 seconds