2012 ATS Sport 1000

2012 ATS Sport 1000

2012 ATS Sport 1000

In 2012 ATS AutoSport are reviving the historic ATS nameplate with this Sport 1000 and the 2500 GT later in 2013. The new car is influenced by the Radical SR3 and is road legal, said to weigh only 400 kg up with up to 1150 kg downforce.

Gianluca Gregis is the owner and product manager of the new ATS brand who manages a garage called Unico Esemplare-Il garage dei sogni which translates to ‘One-offs, the garage of dreams.’

In a recent interview by Martino Barbieri, Gianluca revealed that the Radical SR3 was the best driving production sports car. He goes on: “I sold them for several years and my racing team competed successfully in its single-brand championships for a number of seasons, I know it down to the last nut and bolt. Our inspiration is none other than the SR3, compared to which ours will be 10 cm narrower but longer (420 cm including rear spoiler) and with an extractor for the ground effect, something absolutely unheard of previously on a road car. Engines are strictly motorcycle based, Honda CBR, Yamaha R1 or Suzuki Hayabusa. But our dream is the MV Augusta which producer over 200 HP, both because of the prestige of the historical name and for the car to be truly Made in Italy inside and out! In the future we want to fit Ford 3-cylinder turbo car engines.

He goes on further to reveal the new Sport 1000 uses a stainless steel frame, 3-peice body, 6-piston brakes and will cost €25,000 without engine or options.

In Detail

typeSeries Production Car
curb weight420 kg / 926 lbs

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