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2013 Laraki Designs Epitome

2013 Laraki Designs Epitome

At the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Laraki Designs from California unveiled their Epitome supercar based on a Corvette C6 chassis. They hope to build these in a small batch, but the $2,000,000 price tag will keep the numbers very low.

Press Release

The Epitome Concept is Laraki’s extreme yet elegant interpretation of the mid-front engine hypercar theme. Designed and built by Laraki of California, Epitome is a muscular and aggressive, but still inviting. Proportion, distinctive shape, and unusual surface treatments, and the natural play of light work in harmony to yield the concept’s unique character and stance.

At a glance one immediately knows the the Epitome can achieve a high level of performance. Extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum, selected for their mechanical and lightweight properties, yield a 1400kg performer powered by an 1100 hp quad turbo 7-liter v8 engine. And there you have it: the Epitome exemplifies the universal formula for an extraordinary car-light weight and high power. The Epitome’s chassis and suspension are also state of the art, ensuring unrivaled coaction.

More than a hypercar, the Laraki Epitome is a work of art., triggering multiple sensory and emotional connections. Every detail-the side mirrors, bold doors, sleek hood, air ducts and other components-has been hand crafted with great care and attention to optimize both aesthetics and moxie.

Making its world debut at the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, only a handful of Epitomes will be built for the world to appreciate and for exclusive owners to enjoy.