2014 Amelia Island Mega Gallery

300 Cars. 40 Different Classes. The Ultimate 2014 Amelia Island Concours Photo Gallery

With over 300 cars in 40 different classes, the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is one of the predominant classic car shows in North America and one that focuses both on elegance and sport.

Every year each show is puncuated by special classes and 2014 was no exception with 14 classes that were expertly curated with up to two years planning.

In 2014, the most impressive class was entirely from the collection of Ralph Murano who brought out ten Packard concept cars from his home in New York.

Another huge presence on the field was a triubute to 50 years of Bruce McLaren which extended from his Can-Am cars all the way up to the current day P1 supercar and an MP4-12C with McLaren Special Operations details.

BMW brought along their car Alex Calder art car CSL and Amelia curated a class that included three ISMA CSLs and two very well presented road cars to go along with it. Unfortunately the car was deemed to valuable and displayed in a glass box complete with floor lighting.

At the end of the field was 16 cars designed by Zagato which included everything from the 1933 Alfa Romeo 2300 Monza from the Simone Museum to the recently released Alfa Romeo TZ3. Hopefully we will have enough time to prepare a video on this class.

It was also Maserati’s 100th anniversary, so Amelia presented separate road and racing classes including the one-of 1931 Tipo V4 with Maserati’s only 16-cylinder engine.

We could go on and on as Bill Warner and his capable staff put on a world-class event to benefit the Community Hospice of Northeast Florida.

For our feature work on Amelia, we have spent considerable time sorting 1000s of images into separate galleries:

Class Z – Cars of Zagato Design
Class MAS – 100th Anniversary of Maserati (Street)
Class MASR – 100th Anniversary of Maserati (Race)
Class MCL – 50th Anniversary of McLaren
Class BMW – BMW CSL 3.0/3.5 CSL
Class JM – Cars of Jochen Mass
Class CC – Chrysler Concepts
Class PC – Packard Concepts of Ralph Marano
Class CR – Corvete (Rare Solid Axle)
Class AC – American Classic (Pre-1931)
Class AC1 – American Classic (1931-1935)
Class AC2 – American Classic (1936-1948)
Class AP – American Production
Class APEC – American-Powered European Coachwor
Class B – Bentley
Class BUG – Bugatti
Class D – Duesenberg
Class ECC – European Custom Coachwork
Class FP – Ferrari Production (1950-1964)
Class FP1 – Ferrari Production (1965-1972)
Class FR – Ferrari (Racing)
Class HC – Horseless Carriage (1895-1915)
Class HCB – Horseless Carriage (40+ Horsepower)
Class MB – Mercedes-Benz (1927-1946)
Class MB1- Mercedes-Benz (1947-1972)
Class P – Porsche 904/962
Class RC – Race Cars (Pre-War)
Class RC1 – Race Cars (Post-War – 1959)
Class RC2 – Race Cars (1960 – 1975)
Class RRSG – Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
Class SC – Sports Cars (Pre-War – 1949)
Class SC1 – Sports and GT Cars (1950 – 1954)
Class SC2 – Sports and GT Cars (1955 – 1962)
Class SC3 – Sports and GT Cars (1963 – 1974)
Class U – Underslung
Class RR – Rolls-Royce