2016 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

While Sebastian Loeb’s 8:13.878 record was safe, Dumas did manage a very rapid 8:51.445 time up the challenging course.

This year’s event was expected to be a shootout between Rhys Millen and his Hyundai-supported eO prototype and Dumas in the Norma. The hype and event matched perfectly with Millen and Dumas battling hard for the top prize.

Dumas really won the event in sectors 2 and 3, despite Millen being quicker than the Norma in the fourth and final sector. Romain Dumas’ 8:51.445 was enough to win the event. Millen came in second with a time of 8:57.118, six seconds behind Dumas.

Millen’s consolation prize was the fact that he had the fastest-ever time up the mountain for an electric car and the first run under 9 minutes for an electric vehicle.

Interestingly, the Honda NSX-based 4-Motor EV managed to beat last year’s top time, a solid effort. The NSX finishing second in class and third overall with a time of 9:06.015.

2016 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Top 50 Results

130Unlimited1Romain Dumas8:51.44581.288
267Electric-Electric Modified1Rhys Millen8:57.11880.429
3260Electric-Electric Modified2Tetsuya Yamano9:06.01579.119
498Unlimited2Paul Dallenbach9:36.04174.995
51Electric-Electric Modified3Nobuhiro Tajima9:51.97872.976
67PPC-Pikes Peak Open1Layne Schranz9:53.07172.841
718PPC-Open Wheel1Clint Vahsholtz9:54.05072.721
841Time Attack-Time Attack11David Donner10:00.81371.903
987PPC-Pikes Peak Open2Jonathan Frost10:04.80571.428
1019Time Attack-Time Attack12Raphaël Astier (R)10:06.00671.286
11888Unlimited3Rodney Tu (R)10:06.13771.271
1228PPC-Open Wheel2Dan Novembre10:10.70170.738
13326Time Attack-Time Attack13Timothy Hardy10:12.88170.487
1420mPikes Peak Heavyweight1Bruno Langlois10:13.10670.461
1599mPPC-Electric Bike1Don Canet10:17.81369.924
166Unlimited4Jeff MacPherson10:17.81469.924
17156mPPC-Exhibition Powersport1Jeremy Toye10:19.77769.702
1837Unlimited5Tony Quinn (R)10:20.78769.589
1933mPikes Peak Heavyweight2Rennie Scaysbrook (R)10:28.40768.745
20173Time Attack-Time Attack2 Production1Nick Robinson (R)10:28.82068.7
21500mPikes Peak Heavyweight3Shane Scott10:35.95367.93
2296Unlimited6Richard Boake (R)10:36.99967.818
2322Time Attack-Time Attack2 Production2Kevin Wesley (R)10:39.96467.504
2447mPikes Peak Middleweight1Kris Lillegard10:46.40666.831
255PPC-Open Wheel3Trevor Stewart10:49.96566.465
2679PPC-Open Wheel4Sead Causevic10:53.50466.105
2758mPikes Peak Lightweight1Davey Durelle10:55.28865.925
2827Unlimited7Steve Goeglein10:55.66965.887
298Time Attack-Time Attack2 Production3Stephanie Reaves10:56.87665.766
3017Time Attack-Time Attack14Robb Holland (R)10:56.87865.766
3123Unlimited8Cole Powelson10:57.00765.753
3272Time Attack-Time Attack15Derek Boyd10:57.68465.685
3332mPikes Peak Middleweight2Tomasz Gombos10:58.63065.591
34711PPC-Pikes Peak Open3Raymund Guerrero11:01.21565.334
356mPikes Peak Middleweight3Joseph Toner11:01.32465.324
3638Time Attack-Time Attack16Tony Brakohiapa11:02.37965.219
37846mPikes Peak Quad1Cyril Combes (R)11:05.66464.898
38285mPikes Peak Middleweight4Codie Vahsholtz11:07.15464.753
3939mPPC-Electric Bike2Yoshihiro Kishimoto11:10.48064.431
4025PPC-Pikes Peak Open4Robert Prilika11:11.71364.313
4121Unlimited9Rod Moberly11:13.38664.153
42100mPikes Peak Lightweight2Greg Chicoine11:13.54764.138
4327mPPC-Electric Bike3Robert Barber (R)–.—
4486Unlimited10Mike Wilson11:19.82563.546
4510mPPC-Electric Bike4Mark Miller (R)11:20.44863.488
4640mPikes Peak Heavyweight4Paul Baleta (R)11:21.19163.418
4742PPC-Vintage1Jess Neal11:21.43463.396
48919mPikes Peak Quad2Chris Wagner11:22.30963.314
49254mPikes Peak Heavyweight5Kevin Heil11:23.94963.163
5076mPikes Peak Middleweight5Takahiro Itami11:25.56663.014

2016 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Gallery

Image Credit: Drew Phillips | Autoblog