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2018 Aston Martin V8 Vantage (Ultimate Guide)

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Whereas the previous Aston Martin Vantage stayed well within the confines of an established (and well-liked) Aston Martin design language, the new model takes a leap in its own direction.

Defined by its aerodynamic underpinnings, but still recognizably Aston Martin, the V8 Vantage’s exterior is altogether more aggressive, more animalistic than that which went before it.

The gaping front air intake and rear splitter are not just for show – they actually generate downforce, combining with the rear boot lip spoiler and slashes in the front wings to help stick the car to the road.

With the Marek Reichman-designed Vantage having been revealed to the world in a striking lime green colour, the Vantage’s looks suggest a confidence with Aston Martin to pull its cars into the future; in more restrained, darker tones, with the loud colours used to highlight the aerodynamic touches, the Vantage’s presence becomes all the more imposing.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Videos

With many journalists itching to get their hands on the Aston Martin Vantage, most videos so far see the car taken out on a Portuguese race track where Aston Martin held the launch event.

We look to the likes of Mike Spinelli, Matt Prior, Henry Catchpole and Ben Barry for their trusted opinions of the car – collated below for your viewing pleasure.

There are several videos below; you’ll want to watch them all – partly to build up a full picture of what the Vantage is like, but mostly because the look of the thing and the noise it makes are so gorgeous. Enjoy.

In our first video, Mike Spinelli gets to grips with the Aston Martin Vantage in the Algarve on a soaking wet circuit. He delves into the technology of the car before taking it out on the slippery track surface – with the car’s lime green paint slicing through the grey overtones of the backdrop this day.

Matt Prior of Autocar enjoys two different examples of the V8 Vantage – one on track, and another on the road. In his typically meticulous style, Matt pores over the car’s various set ups and driver enhancement technology – including the technology employed to modulate the level of furious roar from that AMG V8 – before giving a full under-the-skin overview of the car’s chassis and internals with the help of a bare chassis cutaway.

On the road, he enjoys a model with a few more creature comforts, exploring how the car manages its split personalities between track devouring machine and a more laid-back V8-rumbling enjoyable sports car on the road.

Henry Catchpole also gets behind the wheel of a new Vantage on the road for Carfection. In an almost restrained looking white example he takes on some winding ribbon-like roads laced around a series of Portuguese mountains, creating endless switchbacks and hairpins connected by glorious straights.

His enthusiasm for the little details shines through – picking up the serrated headlamp edges and the Bond-spec ‘red button’ behind the dash in his test car.

Finally, we have evo magazine’s Richard Meaden put the brand new Porsche Cayman GT4 through its paces.

Say what you want about the Vantage’s new screaming bright paint scheme – you can’t miss it in the snow. Ben Barry of CAR magazine was lucky enough to drive one of the Aston Martin test cars – still wearing body camo but fairly close to production-spec – on snow and ice in northern Finland during the latter stages of the car’s winter weather testing.

With 503bhp going straight to the rear wheels, expect slides – a lot of slides. With a neat bit of split-screen viewing, Ben demonstrates just how compliant the Vantage’s chassis is, even in what could be described as less-than ideal conditions for a twin-turbo V8 sports car.

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