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A 1979 G-Body Porsche 911 Was Rebuilt Into This Beautiful Car

A 1979 “G-Body” Porsche 911 Was Rebuilt Into This Beautiful Car

This 1979 “G-Body” Porsche 911 has been stripped to bare metal and rebuilt from the ground up to not only a very high-performance standard. It was built by GProgramm of Oyster Bay, NY, with the goal of bringing out the very best of classic 911 styling and modern performance in an air-cooled package.

GProgramm is a company that focuses on building high-performance machines exclusively for Porsche enthusiasts. The car in the video has been converted from torsion beam to coil-over suspension, with big brakes, modern Fuchs-look wheels, and a 350-horsepower 3.4L “Twin Plug” flat-six.

Watch the video to see how this 1979 “G-Body” Porsche 911 performs now that it has undergone serious rebuilt and performance upgrades.