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A look behind the scenes of Ferrari’s Classiche department

There is a massive following out there in the automotive world when it comes to Ferrari, both new and older, classic models, let’s not forget that some of the world’s most expensive cars are in fact classic Ferraris from a long-gone era, like the 250 GTO for instance, a multi-million dollar beauty from the Sixties, but also the famous Daytona has become quite valuable over the years, and where better to bring your prized Prancing Horse than close to the factory where she was initially built … the Ferrari Classiche department, a small but highly dedicated team located in a corner of the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

But it has only been 20 years now that Ferrari even offers this service, as back when Enzo Ferrari was still around, he focussed on his racing team, the street cars were just a way of being able to afford to go racing, which was his primary passion, and for some reasons, he wasn’t interested in the legacy of older Ferrari cars, the past was behind him, only the future interested Enzo Ferrari, when Jean Todt was the CEO in 2004 he decided to become part of the market on restoring and rebuilding classic Ferraris.

Take a look at this amazing video from Top Gear where Ollie Marriage gets a behind-the-scenes look at Ferrari Classiche: