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Abarth 124 Spider

Did you know that arachnophobia affects up to 50 percent of the population in some Western countries? If you suffer from a fear of spiders, this article may change your mind. If you’re not willing to give the eight-legged creature the time of day, you may be more inclined to consider giving the Abarth 124 Spider a chance to impress.

The Abarth 124 Spider

If you’re on the lookout for a speedy, compact car that will get you from A to B in no time with the added bonus that you’ll turn a few heads along the way, the 124 Spider Abarth could be a contender. This sleek model is small but perfectly formed, and it’s perfect for those who want style without the price tag of a supercar.

The new 124 Spider is a sentimental tribute to the model that was discontinued by Fiat in the 1980’s, but this car offers much more than its predecessor. As you’d expect, times have changed, and this is a completely different proposition for driving enthusiasts. The influence is clear, but the driving experience has come on in leaps and bounds in line with improvements in performance and technological innovations.

One major selling point of the Abarth 124 Spider is its ability to fill a gap in the market. Fiat may be making inroads in the small car category with the trendy Fiat 500 range, but it faces tough competition from the likes of VW, Seat, Hyundai, and Citroen. With the Abarth, there’s a chance to make a splash with a model that offers something different to the main rivals. If you look around, this chic and sporty model is competing with the likes of the BMW Mini Convertible, the VW Beetle Convertible, and the Audi A3. Both the VW and the Mini are much clunkier and robust than the 124 Spider, and it offers a cheaper alternative to the Audi. In short, this vehicle offers the best of both worlds. It’ll take you where you want to go in style without costing the earth.

The Finer Details

Designed for singles and couples, the 2-seater Abarth 124 Spider is a bijou vehicle, which promises a fun driving experience. If you’re keen to feel the wind in your hair and attract some admiring glances, you can’t go wrong with this model. This is a lightweight car with a curb weight of just 1,060 kg it has been designed with performance in mind, boasting superior handling and suspension that has been developed based on Abarth’s experience in racing. The 1.4 170 HP engine offers plenty of power when you hit the gas, and the rear-wheel drive function provides increased traction. The purr of the Abarth Record Monza exhaust system also guarantees satisfaction.

This car may not have the exclusive, opulent feel or the price tag of some of the higher profile supercars, but if you’re looking for an affordable car with a sleek design, a touch of class and a mischievous side, it’s worth adding the 124 Spider Abarth to your short-list.