Porsche Specs – Includes Engines, Horsepower, Torque Figures, Acceleration Times, Top Speed & Much More

Technically the title of this page isn’t true, this isn’t the list of every single Porsche ever produced. It is the list of every cool, important, historic and iconic Porsche ever made and frankly who cares about the crappy Porsche cars anyway.

Read on if you want to discover all the models, technical specs and performance information for the best Porsche’s throughout history. As you can imagine, trying to get performance data and specs on some of the older cars can be difficult so if you know we messed something up, let us know. As far as we know this is the most accurate date across the models.

We have grouped the Porsche models into groups like Supercars, icons, concepts and low volume special models. There are over 300 models on our list so if you’re looking for something specific definitely use the search functionality in the table or sort by the appropriate field to narrow down your choices.

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