All the Cars: Mille Miglia XXVII

Since the Mille Miglia was one of the best sports car races in the world, its modern tribute should be equally as impressive. The XXVII edition was held last weekend and it certainly carried on the event in a traditional style. However, the drivers were not out-and-out racing. Instead they were given access to rally on some of the best roads in Italy.

The entry list was purposefully selected to mimic the historic event which included smaller classes, regular production cars and even support vehicles. The resulting 400-place grid was as dynamic as it was impressive. A welcome sight was 0026M, the very same blue Ferrari which won the 1950 Miglia Miglia with race number 724.

Many of the great Italian cars that seldom get shown internationally were also driving. These included multiple OSCA MT4s, Ferrari 750 Monzas, Cisitalia 202s and Fiat 8Vs.

The Mille Miglia was again captured this year by resident photographer Dirk de Jager. He chased the cars from start to finish with some spectacular results.