Amelia Island Concours

2009 Amelia Island Concours

The coveted Best of Show award was given to a fantastic Voisin C20 Mylord at last weekend’s Amelia Island Concours. Not even one day past its restoration completion, this Voisin was among ten or so equally spectacular cars which could have taken the same honors. All these supercars can be found in this week’s feature gallery.

Being one of the more organized events, Amelia had special classes with corresponding seminars. One of these was reserved for Custom Cars, including work from Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth and some more contemporary designers.

Unlike most other Concours, Amelia has a strong contingent of post-war racing cars in several dedicated classes. English driver David Hobbs was celebrated with many of his old rides and Group 44 had most of their British Leyland racecars on display.

Adding more value to the Amelia weekend, RM Auctions was also present. They failed to sell either the Ferrari California Spyder nor the Shelby Cobra Le Mans, but did flog most of the intermediate cars. We have a separate gallery dedicated to their sale.