Aston Martin Project '003'
Image from Aston Martin

Aston Martin Project ‘003’ Hypercar Confirmed

The Third Installment of the Valkyrie

Prepare yourself for the next Aston Martin hypercar dubbed the Project ‘003’. Sounding like some kind of MI6 code for a secret mission designated for James Bond, Aston Martin’s Project ‘003’ should be an amazing machine. According to the company, the hypercar will utilize mid-engine hypercar features and technology used on the Valkyrie.

The automaker says the car will arrive late 2021. When it does, Aston will build only 500 coupe examples globally. The company specifically says coupe examples, so that makes us think there’s a possibility of a convertible version of the car at some later point down the road.

The Project ‘003’ will be the company’s third try at a hypercar. It hit it out of the park with the Valkyrie, so this one will likely be a ringer, too. The details for the model are scarce, but Aston says the car will have a lightweight structure, which probably means a carbon fiber chassis.

The vehicle will also get a turbocharged hybrid powertrain. However, Aston neglected to mention what that powertrain would be in terms of size. We’re hoping for a turbocharged V8 hybrid powertrain that makes somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 hp.

The car will be a road car. Aston said the vehicle will have “class-leading dynamics on both road and track.” Aston noted in its press release that special attention is being given to making the car more practical for road use, including some luggage space. Both left and right-hand drive versions of the car will be made, and it will be sold around the world. We’ll update you with more info as we get it.