Aston Martin Released Images of the Vantage Roadster Prototype

The Next Great Aston

We knew it was coming, and now some images of the Aston Martin Vantage Roadster were released by the company recently. They show that the new Roadster will be based closely on the current coupe. It’ll share much of the car’s equipment, including its underpinnings, engine, interior, and much of its exterior. 

Instead of the coupe’s hard-top, though, the Roadster will fittingly get a soft top. This is a simpler top than the previous Vantage roadster. As Evo Magazine points out, it’s not totally unlike the top in the Mazda MX-5 or the Porsche Boxster. This helps the car keep a more traditional three-box design. 

As far as technical changes go, there’s not anything that has been announced. However, in order for Aston to chop the roof of the car, it must have added some additional structural components to help keep the car’s stiff chassis and its overall performance.

We expect it to have the same twin-turbo V8 as the coupe does. This is the prototype, though the production model will likely be very similar, so Aston still has time to make changes if it deems them necessary. It’ll be interesting to see the finished production version of this car.