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Audi e-Tron

Audi RSQ E-Tron Concept

Created Exclusively for the Animated ‘Spies in Disguise’ Movie

The RSQ- E-Tron Concept that Audi recently revealed was created exclusively for an animated film and it is the first of its kind. The car is a lot like the Audi RSQ that Will Smith drove in the movie “I, Robot.”  Audi worked with Blue Skies Studios the create the car for the film, according to Carscoops.

It is essentially an all-electric futuristic R8. The car is fully autonomous but it can be driven by the driver if he or she chooses. There’s also a boost function for when you need to go really fast. While the car is just a vehicle in an animated movie, it’s genuinely a cool car and one that we wish was a reality. 

“Spies in Disguise” will be in theaters on December 25th. It stars Will Smith as Lance Sterling alongside Tom Hollard who plays Walter Becket. We didn’t have much interest in the movie until we noticed the car. Now it might be the main reason we’ll go to see it. You can check out the car in the video below presented by Audi.