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Awesome Back-to-Back Ferrari LaFerrari Wallpaper

Back-to-Back Ferrari LaFerrari Wallpaper

The Ferarri LaFerrari is quite possibly the most exciting hypercar ever made. It has power that is superior to the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder. These are the three most liked hypercars right now and between these three, the LaFerrari comes out as the winner.

The LaFerrari has more power thanks to its 950bhp and has less weight than the other two which gives it a clear upper hand when it comes speed. But that is not all that there is to it about the LaFerrari. At the center of the car, behind its two carbonfiber seats is a 626cc naturally-aspirated V12 engine which gives out 790bhp at 9000rpm and 516lb ft of torque at 6750rpm. On paper, this makes the LaFerrari even more powerful than the Scuderia’s last V12 F1 car, the 412T back in 1995. But Ferrari is not done yet, they still included a 60kg lithium ion battery inside the car which, through its electric motor can provide performance increase of 160bhp and 199lb ft. So all in all, the LaFerrari now have a whopping 950bhp and 715lb ft.

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