Behind the Scenes Footage of McLaren P1 LM’s Historic Lap Record at Nurburgring

Lanzante Motorsport just released a behind-scenes-footage of the historic lap record of McLaren P1 LM at the Nurburging last May. McLaren P1 LM’s 6:42.3 lap time puts it ahead of the NIO EP9 and the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, making it the fastest around the ‘Ring to date.

The McLaren P1 LM, the road-legal version of the 986bhp, track-only P1 GTR, developed by Lanzante Motorsport managed to beat out NextEV NIO EP9’s record by almost 3 seconds.

The clip also shows that Lanzante decided to drove the car all the way back to UK instead of just putting it inside a truck, to show that it is also capable of being driven on the street just like a proper road car even though it still looks like a race car.