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Behind the wheel of the RML SWB

We posted about the RML SWB before, the modern-day tribute to the legendary Ferrari 250 GT SWB from the Sixties, a car is worth about $8,000,000 today and has some of the most sensual lines ever seen on a car from Maranello, and make no mistake, the RML Short Wheel Base still comes with a naturally aspirated V12 and a manual gearbox, just like the original from the Sixties, and if you look closely at the RML SWB, both on the outside and on the inside, you’ll immediately notice just how much attention to detail went into creating this amazing tribute.

And that reflects on the price, about $1,700,000 before taxes, but all great art comes at a price. Exclusivity has to be paid too as only 30 units of the RML SWB will ever be made, underneath the all-carbon-fiber bodywork the power from an actual Ferrari is hiding, more specifically the V12 from the 550 Maranello. Still, the engine has been completely blueprinted while a new cooling system was required to cope with the new, classic-looking styling with a much shorter nose, after all, it is the SWB we are talking about here.

The power output of the RML SWB is set at 479 bhp, but we’re talking about a modern GT here, not a hypercar that can scare you on the open road, and as mentioned in the video below from Hagerty, a hypercar can only be really driven as it should be on the track, not on the streets, while this RML SWB is a perfect sports car with amazing handling, stupendously beautiful interior with all the modern amenities, which are hidden from view when not in use, so let’s take a look at what it is like sitting on the driver’s seat of the RML SWB: