Bentley Wants the Pike’s Peak Production Car Record

Bentley Continental GT Speed

It’s Going to Use the Continental GT

In an attempt to set the world production car record at Pike’s Peak, Bentley will bring the Continental GT and let Rhys Millen pilot the car along the route, according to Carscoops. Bentley previously set the SUV record with its Bentayga, and now it wants the car record as well.

The Continental GT wouldn’t be our first choice to make the run. Sure, it’s an amazing car, but it’s also heavy. It weighs somewhere around 4,800 pounds. However, the car comes with a W12 engine that produces 626 hp and 663 lb-ft of torque, so that weight is moved easily. Also, the car has all-wheel drive, which it’s going to need because Pike’s Peak is one of the most challenging courses out there. It’s no straight shot up a hill.

The record for the fastest production vehicle was once held by a Land Rover Range Rover Sport. A 2014 model, to be exact. The Bentayga blew that vehicle away. It made the run roughly two minutes faster with a time of 10:49.9. The Continental GT should be able to crack the 10-minute mark. 

There are many production cars more extreme than the Continental GT, but many manufacturers don’t bring their production cars to Pikes Peak. That means the Continental GT has fewer competitors and a better chance of claiming the title the company seeks. We wish them well in their efforts. There’s nothing like watching a Bentley racing along at high speed.