BMW Unveils Its Next 100 Years


BMW’s most daring concept was conspicuously absent from the Festival Automobile International in Paris, where a slew of its competitors lifted the hood on their concept cars for the future. However we were still treated to ideas of what BMW does intend for its future. BMW has been steadily keeping its eye on its 100 year anniversary. And that’s where things get interesting.  Enter the BMW Vision Next 100. The vehicle is purposed for the next century of car making with hopes of anticipating every trend and wave in design that will erupt over the next 100 years.


In live demonstration we suddenly understand that the car is ultimately animated by touch. It shape-shifts, no buts about it. Keyless entry is engaged by swiped a finger across the door. When the driver approaches the vehicle it lights up. With a touch of an ignition button in the plush futuristic interior, the steering wheel transforms from a uniform monochromatic panel and raises to the height of the driver. In fact various panels transform upon contact with the driver.  

BMW Next 100 years of Carmaking. Photo courtesy of BMW.

But the intrigue doesn’t end there. In fact the Vision is animated by a series of triangular looking scales, or what it refers to as Alive Geometry, that transform the vehicle. The exterior benefits from a lining of these scales along the wheels, opening and expanding when the wheels turn in motion. In the interior the same is true for a host of design accessories that range from the dashboard devices to driverless automation.


And speaking of driverless automation, BMW has that covered as well. Should the driver decide to take a breather from driving, he can push a button and leave it in the more than capable wheels of the Vision. And what’s most impressive about this is the car’s ability to predict what may happen on the road.

BMW Vision. Photo courtesy of BMW.

In their demo video, the Vision sees a biker crossing behind a delivery truck and predicts the biker’s merging into oncoming traffic. Rather than plowing directly into the biker blindly, it anticipates his speed and time of arrival so in order to slow down. The same is true for navigating the roadway when pedestrians cross. It will come to a complete stop when necessary and signal pedestrians to cross with its very own green light. How’s that for thinking ahead?


BMW for its part unveiled its slick futuristic vehicle at a press conference it held on March 7th of 2016 in Munich, 100 years to the day of BMW’s inception. One year later we are still salivating at the thought of some real world trial testing of the Vision.