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Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport: Track-Focused Powerhouse Up for Auction

One of only 60 units ever made

The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, unveiled in March 2020, is the track-focused sibling of the mighty Chiron. Limited to just 60 units, it’s a car built for tackling winding roads and challenging corners.

While the Chiron prioritizes top speed, the Pur Sport sacrifices a bit of that (reaching a still-impressive 218 mph) in favor of quicker acceleration. Shorter gear ratios by 15% propel this hypercar from 0 to 300 km/h in a staggering 11.6 seconds. The monstrous quad-turbo W16 engine continues to pump out a phenomenal 1500 horsepower.

The Pur Sport’s focus is undeniably on handling. Bugatti’s engineers shaved 50kg off the curb weight, but at nearly two tons, it’s no lightweight. However, they’ve managed to create a remarkably nimble and responsive track weapon that retains the Chiron’s signature comfort and road manners. Special Michelin Pilot Sport 2R tires play a key role in this achievement.

The Pur Sport retains the familiar Chiron silhouette, but with a more aggressive look. The most striking aspect is the gargantuan 2-meter rear wing, impossible to miss from behind. Inside, the luxurious leather gives way to a more purposeful Alcantara trim, reflecting the car’s focus on performance.

This specific 2022 Chiron Pur Sport, with only 5,400 miles, is one of the 60 units ever made. It’s currently listed on Bring a Trailer and boasts a Blanc with “Pur Sport Split” gray exposed carbon-fiber body panels (a $225,000 option!). The Tangerine accents and stitching throughout the interior further elevate the car’s exclusivity.

A look at the window sticker reveals an MSRP of $4,070,300 with $371,300 in options. If you’re a discerning collector with deep pockets, this is your chance to own a piece of Bugatti history. The auction ends in just two days, so don’t miss out!

Source: Bring A Trailer