Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 ans Bugatti

Bugatti Has Built 200 of the 500 Chirons It Plans to Make

Bugatti’s Chiron is a Truly Impressive Machine

Bugatti has now built 200 of its Chiron supercars. The company plans to build 500 total. That includes the Chiron and Chiron Sport. The latest car was a specialized 110 ans Bugatti Chiron Sport. The model featured the Sky View glass roof option. The car is intended for a customer in Switzerland. Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann discussed his admiration for the car and the company’s hard work.

“You can’t feel anything but pride when you see this 200th Chiron emerge from the factory. The quality and dedication of everyone involved in a Bugatti car is unique in the world and demonstrates the passion that we bring to our work.”

The next 300 models of the Chiron to be built will take the company around four years, according to Motor Authority. Each Chiron takes 20 people around 10 months to build. There are around 1,800 parts included on the car. The company still has around 100 build slots available for the Chiron.

If you already own one and want a special Bugatti, the company will be building special coach-built versions each year. They’ll only do two of them a year, so you’ll need some influence and some seriously deep pockets to secure one of those slots.