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lotus turbo esprit

Car Of The Day: 1982 Lotus Turbo Esprit

I’m a guy from the classic James Bond movies generation, with Sean Connery or Sir Roger Moore as the lead character as a British spy during the Cold War, and what I loved about these movies were mostly the gadgets and the cars, I’m sure we all know the legendary Aston Martin DB5 that has been featured in multiple films with the ‘ejecting seat’ as probably one of the most famous and hilarious gadgets, but there have been some other exciting cars that made their appearance in the James Bond movie franchise, like the Lotus Esprit that was revealed in 1977 in The Spy Who Loved Me, a fantastic car that could transform into a submarine, complete with sea-to-air missiles, and when Lotus upgraded this original S1 model into the Lotus Turbo Esprit, James Bond once again received this supercar from Q Branch in For Your Eyes Only, a stunning white one with red lettering which didn’t last too long in the movie as it was blown up by a rather invasive Burglar Protection system, after that he received a stunning copper metallic one with a ski rack over the engine cover.

But it’s a version of the white 1982 Lotus Turbo Esprit that JayEmm on Cars is able to drive and review in his latest YouTube movie, and while this car is now more than four decades old, I still love it as much as the day I first saw it in the James Bond film, take a look at this amazing classic from Lotus: