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Car Of The Day: Boeing 727 Jet Limousine

This one-of-a-kind creation combines a converted Mercedes bus with the iconic body of a Boeing 727. With seating for up to 50 passengers, this 24,000-pound marvel offers extravagant features including a big screen TV, full bar, fog machine, dazzling lighting, ceiling mirrors, and even “aerodynamic” seats.

The unique vehicle is a fascinating blend of components from both the Boeing 727 and the Mercedes-Benz Bus. The body of the limo comprises the stripped-down shell of a 727, sans wings and tail. However, the original folding staircase remains intact and functional. The chassis, steering, and gas tank come from the Mercedes Bus, providing stability and maneuverability.

Surprisingly, despite its colossal size, stretching 53 feet in length, and weighing in at 24,000 pounds, this extraordinary creation is completely street legal. Powered by the turbo-diesel engine from the Mercedes Bus, it can reportedly reach speeds of up to 124 miles per hour.

Photo Source: autoevolution