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Lotus Evija

Carfection Does a Deep Dive into the Evija

Lotus’s Car Is an Amazing Machine

If you have around 23 minutes to spare for one of the most amazing cars ever produced, we suggest you check out this video of the Lotus Evija that was put together by Carfection. The show’s host, Henry Catchpole, has a nice chat with Russel Carr, the head of design at Lotus.

The two men do a detailed walk around and look at every aspect of the car. They talk about styling, power, aerodynamics and a whole lot more. Catchpole is one of our favorite car personalities, but it’s Carr who’s by far the most interesting here. He has so much knowledge about the Evija that it’s amazing to think that after 23 minutes of consistent questioning there’s still probably things they didn’t touch on.

Catchpole does a good job of keeping Carr talking. He points out sections of the car and askes the right questions to keep the Lotus designer talking. We’re not going to go through the video step-by-step here. If you want to know all of the nitty-gritty details, it’s better to hear them from Carr’s mouth directly. You can watch the full video below and see the Evija in all its glory. This 2,000 hp $2.1 million all-electric hypercar is like no other vehicle on sale.