Chicago Auto Show

This morning GM launched the Stingray Concept at the Chicago Auto Show. It was developed to play the role of Sideswipe in the upcoming Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen.

Beyond a famous role, this Vette is the next step in Sting Ray evolution. It introduces just as many drastic styling changes as the Mako Shark II XP-830 did in 1965. So much so, some of its design language might get extended to the C7.

Ford’s big launch at Chicago included the V6-powered Taurus SHO. Spyker announced the LM85, a special model that optionally sports the C8’s Le Mans Livery.

Our new moderator and photographer, Leo Filman, captured these supercars and more for this week’s second feature gallery. Also included is the Camaro Black, AMG’s full line and Detroit’s concept cars.