Watch Chris Harris as He Tests the New BMW M2

The new BMW M2 has been considered by many as the best BMW M-car you can buy right now. Our friend, Chris Harris, one of the best automotive reviewer in the industry, will now be putting the BMW M2 to a test to find out if it really is the best BMW M-car right now.

Chris Harris is noted for owning a Kermit Green BMW F80 M3 which is the car that he used in the beginning of the video. The E36 M3 was used to explain why the BMW M2 is not only good but also necessary for people who are looking for a fast car.

Even though the new BMW M-car is missing a couple of M-features such as oil temperature gauge and a glowing illuminated shifter, the M2 still manages to beat an Audi RS3 on a time-tested Gear fun-ometer, 514 to 76 which shows that this is really an incredible car!