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Porsche type 64

Chris Harris Takes a Look at the First Porsche Ever Made

Porshe’s First Experiment at a Sports Car

Now, to some, it may seem silly to have a car that tops out at 88 mph on a website that features 1,000 hp hypercars, but those people are wrong. The Porsche Type 64 is where it began, where Porsche’s humble beginnings hinted at the greatness yet to come.

The Type 64 features a 1.0-liter flat-four engine pulled from the VW Beetle. It makes 32 hp, so the top speed number of 88 mph is actually quite impressive. How does it pull it off? Lightweight and aerodynamics.

Chris Harris of Top Gear gets a chance to do a walk around the car and then has an opportunity to drive it on the road. He is, understandably, amazed by the car. It’s not only a piece of automotive history but a relic of German history that led up to WWII. It’s a truly special machine. 

What’s interesting about the car is that even though it was built in 1939, it still looks like a Porsche. Even at the beginning, the Porsche characteristics are all there. This is the car that started it all and the thing we can all lay praise on as we drive our 911s and marvel at how wonderful they are.