Rain Prisk Bugatti Speedster
Image from Rain Prisk

Could the Upcoming $18 Million Bugatti be a Speedster?

A New Rumor We Can Get Behind

We recently reported on the fact that Bugatti will bring its “110 ans Bugatti” to Geneva to celebrate its 110-year anniversary. We also reported that Bugatti could build an $18 million hypercar and bring it to Geneva. That car is rumored to go to Dr. Ferdinand Piëch who’s the former Chairman of VW Group. Now the rumors and speculation about that car are seriously swirling.

Why? Well, automotive designer Rain Prisk let loose a beautiful Bugatti Speedster design. This has some people wondering if this could be Bugatti’s next move. Motor1 suggests the car looks both “plausible and amazing.” We have to agree with the publication.

No matter what you think the super-expensive Bugatti hypercar will be, there’s no denying the Bugatti Speedster design from Rain Prisk is a real stunner. It uses the Divo—which is based on the Chiron Sport—as the basis for what’s possibly the best iteration of the car yet, at least from a styling standpoint. Styling is subjective, though, so you may disagree with that.

In all probability, Bugatti will make a variation of the Divo with its 8.0-liter W16 engine. A speedster could be a way to really make the model stand out. The car will have to be seriously impressive to justify its rumored $18 million price tag. Only time will tell what Bugatti actually brings to the Geneva Motor Show. We’ll keep an eye out for what the company officially debuts. Until then, we’ll look lovingly at Rain Prisk’s vision for a Bugatti speedster.