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Dark Helmet: A Modified Tesla Model S Plaid By Unplugged Performance

Unplugged Performance, a California-based company, specializes in enhancing the performance of Tesla vehicles by providing carefully curated and impactful performance upgrades. Their expertise is showcased in this exceptional Tesla Model S Plaid, affectionately named ‘Dark Helmet.’ Despite retaining its stock powertrain, which already offers ample performance, this vehicle has been meticulously enhanced by Unplugged Performance.

That is what they’ve done on this particular Tesla Model S Plaid dubbed as ‘Dark Helmet’. The car still uses its stock powertrain which is already more than enough. It is capable of producing 1,020 hp (1,034 PS / 761 kW) and has a claimed 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) time of 1.99 seconds.

Unplugged Performance has added a wide range of performance upgrades in the ‘Dark Helmet’ Plaid. These enhancements include a new suspension system, carbon-ceramic brakes, and an aerodynamic kit. With the suspension upgrade alone costing approximately $15,000 and the carbon alloys priced at $14,995, it is evident that this record-setting Plaid has undergone modifications worth well over $100,000.

Rory Reid from AutoTrader heads to the race track to explore this heavily modified Tesla and see just how fast it can really be.