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Driving the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

While winter is settling in for most parts of Europe, the temperature in Dubai is still a very nice 34° C, and that means the track at the famous Autodrome is even hotter when customers in the Middle East get a first opportunity to take place behind the wheel of the impressive Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, but not after seeing what this amazing 1,600 PS hypercar can do in the hands of Pierre-Henri Raphanel and Andy Wallace, Bugatti’s own official test drivers.

The Dubai Autodrome features 16 corners, and the demo consists of taking the Chiron Super Sport at full-throttle on the straights while taking on the sweeping bends at high-speed and showcasing the G-inducing braking zones before the customers are allowed in the driver seat to experience this Bugatti Chiron Super Sport for themselves to get a feel for the car most of them have already ordered, but now, for the first time, they can push the advanced technologies and cutting-edge aerodynamics to their limits.

“The Dubai Autodrome gives customers the chance to experience what these extreme hyper sports cars have to offer,” explains Kostas Psarris, Regional Director Middle East & Asia. “The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is the quintessence of luxury and speed, and is therefore a perfect match for our customers in the Middle East.” Bugatti already offered extensive test drives in the Chiron Pur Sport in Dubai last year and the customers were astounded. This year, the customers have had the opportunity to put the new Chiron Super Sport to the test at high speeds on the Dubai Autodrome in the United Arab Emirates, before it continues its Middle East tour to other key Bugatti markets.”

“We developed a new vehicle design with optimized aerodynamics for the Chiron Super Sport’s streamlined bodywork. The Chiron Super Sport is an uncompromising reincarnation of the Bugatti design mantra “form follows performance,'” says Frank Heyl, Deputy Design Director at Bugatti. The entire design of the Super Sport was created to reach the highest top speed possible, right from the new front bumper up to the diffuser at the rear, which is about 25cm further from the front when compared to a regular Bugatti Chiron.

“The Chiron Super Sport and Chiron Pur Sport are very different to one another visually. But the difference between the two models is even more pronounced when driving,” explains Frank Heyl. For the Super Sport the W16 8-Liter engine received an increase of 100 PS to a magical 1,600 PS (1,176 kW) which translates to an acceleration figure of just 5.8 seconds to reach 200 km/h, 300 km/h takes 12.1 seconds, Bugatti has electronically limited the top speed to 440 km/h!

While the 60 units of the Chiron Pur Sport come with ‘just’ 1,500 PS, she’s a little quicker to reach 200 km/h at 5.5 seconds but is limited to a mere 350 km/h top speed, each unit came with an MSRP of €3,100,000 (net) while the Super Sport variant is just a little more expensive at €3,200,000, albeit none of the latter have been delivered to clients yet, the first Bugatti Chiron Super Sport will arrive in early 2022.