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Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk and Jay Leno Take the Cybertruck for a Spin

The Cybertruck Is Super Weird

So, I know the Cybertruck isn’t really a supercar, but I reported on it when it came out because it’s just so weird and is honestly very fast. Jay Leno and Elon Musk recently spent a little time together for Leno’s car show, and Musk let the host drive the Cybertruck around Los Angeles and even to the Boring Company’s tunnel. 

According to Musk, this is the first time that the Cybertruck has ever been in the tunnel. When the guys first decided to take the truck down to the tunnel. Musk said he didn’t know if it would actually fit. The truck did, and they were able to make it all the way through the tunnel and to the elevator that brought them back up to the surface.

Tesla’s vehicles are all impressive machines, but as of yet, nothing is quite as interesting as the Cybertruck. While I’m personally the most excited about the future Tesla Roadster, Musk said in a recent interview with Joe Rogan that the Roadster would actually come to production after the Cybertruck. You can check out the video below.