Ferrari F8 Spider

Ferrari’s Design Boss Says He Likes a Yellow Ferrari

Not the Iconic Red?

The automotive publication Autocar decided to put together an article on the seemingly random notes complied from their reporter’s various interviews and articles they’ve written. While most of the notes aren’t that interesting one that stood out to us was that Ferrari’s design boss Flavio Manzoni would choose a yellow Ferrari over the iconic red one. 

In an interview with the publication the designer said the following:

I like metallic reds, liquid reds to show the 3D effect of the cars. I love yellow as well. I’m not too keen on liveries – but it’s a strong trend. I don’t like decoration and cars are being decorated now.

This honestly isn’t too much of a surprise. Ferrari is known for having some of the classiest-looking supercars and hypercars out there. It’s a brand known for its pure luxury, and what Manzoni says makes sense. The liveries that many cars have are there to supplement the design of the car. A simple metallic or liquid color, such as red or yellow, would just accentuate the design of the car not add to it. At least, that’s how we take his comments above. 

If we were buying a Ferrari, though, we’ll take the iconic red over a yellow. Yellow can look amazing on the right Ferrari, but if we had to choose a color on just any Ferrari, it would be a red one.