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Today Ferrari officially announced the 599 GTO for the upcoming Bejing Auto Show and it’s everything we imagined it would be. Lower, lighter and more powerful, the GTO benefits from a series of upgrades that transform it into a better car in every area of performance. This is the kind of package Ferrari should have offered from the model’s onset in 2006.

Much of the 599XX track car development has gone into the GTO including the more powerful engine, lightweight aluminum structure, rear spoiler and a massive diffuser. These modifications explain why the GTO is the fastest street-legal Ferrari to date.

This 599 is really the third in a GTO series which began back in 1962 with the 250 GTO and was revived in 1984 for the 288 GTO. All these cars were modified versions of their production car counterparts and were made in limited edition. Thus, the 599 GTO fits in with the tradition of the GTO name, even if it isn’t a homologation special or purpose-built supercar like the F40, F50 and Enzo.