Flagships from Porsche & Ford

2011 Ford Shelby GT500: The new 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 delivers an all-new aluminum block engine, even better driving dynamics and handling, improved fuel economy and better horsepower than ever before. (02/08/2010)

This week both Ford & Porsche are announching upgraded versions of their seminal sports cars. In Ford’s case the iconic Shelby Mustang gets a new aluminum heart. With 550 bhp on tap, the package is nearly ideal except for the live-axle rear suspension and lack of direct fuel injection. The 2011 upgrades benefit both the Coupe and Convertible which are expected to be seen at the Chicago Auto Show in a few days.

Porsche made a major announcement about the return of the Turbo S. The new model has 530 bhp and almost every available performance option. Porsche will also offer a cabriolet version, but it appears production will be limited to Europe.

This new Porsche gives us a chance to feature an older 964 we fell in love with in Monterey. Called the Carrera 4 RS Lightweight, it was a stripped out version of which only 20 were built. Bonhams sold our feature car for 139,000 USD.