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FOR SALE: Gorgeous 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Package In Black

Porsche’s list of supercars is rather small, with the Porsche 959, the Carrera GT, and the 911 GT1 the only true “supercars” Porsche has made. Just like the Porsche 959 aimed to do in the 1980s, the Porsche 918 was designed to show just how far todays technology could be pushed in a car. The 918 Spyder was all about using the most cutting-edge, advanced technology and electrification ideas to build the first true “hypercar”.

First shown in 2010 as a concept and launched for the 2013 model year, the 918 Spyder was a landmark hypercar for the industry; the 918 is considered the first hybrid hypercar, and is credited with partially inspiring the current wave of high-performance hybridization sweeping through the industry.

The Weissach Package offered by Porsche was what the company call its as “a more performance-oriented finish” for the 918 Spyder. The package aims to reduce the car’s weight, improve its aerodynamics, and make it more track-ready. The package slashes down 90 pounds off the overall weight of a regular 918 Spyder. The Weissach Package costs around $84,000 though, but it was indeed a great option for many 918 Spyder buyers who are looking to experience the ultimate Porsche. 

Issimi is currently offering a 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder with the optional Weissach Package. This particular example is finished in black over a black leather interior. Both the interior and exterior are meticulously maintained which makes the black and the Acid Green detailing pop out.

Weissach package 918 Spyders features extensive exposed carbon fiber on the dashboard, door cards, center console and rear bulkhead. They also came with carbon fiber buckets along with six-point seat belts to make the driver feel more like a racer.

Although the car has over 9,000 miles on its odometer, this 918 Spyder is still presented in mint condition all throughout. Currently, the car has an asking price of $1,700,000 but that’s definitely worth it considering what you’re going to get for your money!

Note: All photos are courtesy of Issimi