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Ford May Build an Electric Mustang Coupe

The Real Electric Pony Car

Everyone knows about the Mustang Mach-E at this point. The poorly named electric crossover is a disgrace to the Mustang name in the eyes of many. With that said, most people can understand that electric cars are going to be an even bigger force in the future, so an electric Mustang coupe actually makes a lot of sense. 

We reported on a concept electric Mustang coupe that appeared at SEMA this year. With this car, it was shown that a Mustang coupe could be outfitted with an electric powertrain and be a truly powerful machine. Now, according to Carscoops, the company is seriously thinking of a Mustang coupe. Nothing is concrete yet, but it seems that an electric Mustang coupe is likely in the cards.

Carscoops also reports that a hybrid mustang is definitely on the way. It’s unclear at this time in what capacity the hybrid powertrain will come. We would expect it to be focused on performance, but it could be focused on improving gas mileage. It all depends on which way Ford wants to take the car. We expect it will be more focused on performance, though. The Mustang is going through a pretty dramatic transformation right now, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming years.