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Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Auto Show might be the most important auto show this year. No other event will shape more than this one and no car other than the 458 Italia by Ferrari will demand as much attention. This debut will progress into one of our best cars and eventually compete at the top level of motor sports.

Therefore, it might be counterintuitive to say Mercedes-Benz had the best display of show. They filled an entire hall and launched five new cars in front of the international media. This of course included the new Mercedes-Benz SLS and Lewis Hamilton on short leash.

BMW brought out two new MINI concepts for their 50th and the remarkable Efficient Dynamics Concept. The other German powerhouse, Audi had the new e-tron concept which reshaped the R8 into what it should have always looked like.

For the rest of the show, including 82 world premieres and 753 exhibitors, we have our galley which was predominately shot by Dirk de Jager. He found peculiarities like the M6 Competition Edition and a Mercedes-Benz cycle car.