Gemballa Supercar Sketch

Gemballa Seeks to Build Its Own Supercar

Tuner Company To Turn Out Own Supercar

Gemballa is a name that Porsche enthusiasts know well. The company is known for taking Porsche models and transforming them into even more extreme machines. Gemballa’s cars are some of the most beautiful machines around, and now the company wants to build its own supercar. 

This is a major departure for the company. According to Carscoops, this will be the company’s first supercar that isn’t based on another car in its 38-year history. New investor money will be what makes this happen. Gemballa has received over $39 million from investors since 2010. 

Steffen Korbach, owner and managing director of Gemballa, said that the car will have over 800 hp. “As part of this, we’d like to reference the existing Gemballa legends, and implement a range of innovative concepts. You can expect an uncompromising vehicle, radical, pure and luxurious,” said Korbach.

The company also put out a sketch of the car it hopes to build. We’ve included that above. The black car in the sketch is definitely an aggressive sports car, with what appears to be a rear mid-engine design, large fender flares, and a big rear wing. If the production car ends up looking much like the sketch and comes with more than 800 hp, we’ll be pretty pleased.