Geneva is Done

Just hours ago, Geneva closed its doors and we can now present more work and many of debuts that managed to keep their embargo dates.

Our photographer and swiss supercar aficionado, Matteo TT Stucchi, was their to capture the cars in some real light. His dedication to indoor sharpness and composition is no doubt going to have an lasting effect on all automotive photographers after they see our feature gallery.

While on the floor, he ran into everything including the alien-like Spyker which has to be the most radically different design to come from Zagato.

Also included is a list of the cars which we didn’t see until earlier today:

2008 Spyker C12 Zagato
2008 Jaguar XKR Portfolio
2007 BMW M3 Concept
2007 TechArt 911 GTstreet
2008 Bentley Brooklands
2007 Toyota Hybrid X Concept
2007 Brabus Widestar Concept