Geneva Part V: The Galleries

Today the Geneva Motor Show opened, offering spectators one of the best displays in recent years. All the supercar manufacturers launched new cars including Bugatti, Ferrari, Pagani, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg and Apollo.

Our photographer Dirk de Jager visited Geneva to capture a first glimpse of the Zagato-bodied Perana. We have assembled a gallery of his work starting with the Bugatti Bleu Centenaire. Like we suspected, the blogs had it wrong: this isn’t a 1300 bhp version, instead a new trim level celebrating 100 years of Bugatti.

Ferrari’s 599XX is set to take over what the FXX started a number of years ago. The first chassis seen at Geneva is an extreme model that goes beyond all racing regulations to make an extremely fast track day car. The cars will tour the world in 2010/2011.

These models and an astonishing number of new releases can be found in our official gallery. Four pages include several ultra rare models which still can’t be found anywhere else.